Fawry MSME  is a pioneering digital microfinance company in Egypt.
MSME mission is to support financial services to Micro and Small entrepreneurs through the easiest digital solutions.
Since its inception in 2018, Fawry MSME has supported Over 120.000 Egyptian entrepreneurs with more than EGP 4 BLN disbursed.

Fawry MSME main goal is to offer Micro and Small entrepreneurs with the empowerment they need through understandable financial products, streamlined procedures and fast processing. Fawry MSME services promote growth in the Micro and Small project owner segment and create new opportunities that lead to an increase in employment rates, growing consumption, and stability of the Egyptian economy.
Consequently, strong and stable Egyptian economy allows entrepreneurs to continue to grow their businesses and push them to new horizons.
In this way, the Fawry Group realizes its core vision to ease lives of millions of Egyptians.


Contribute to the Egyptian economy growth by supporting micro-entrepreneurs businesses development.


Providing innovative financial services for micro-entrepreneurs with the simplest digital solutions.


Customer Focused

• Exceeding customers’ expectations by delivering the best solutions with the highest quality
• Supporting internal customer (Fawry MSME people) by providing the best possible experience


• Allow and accept diversity and differences among external and internal clients
• Treating people with integrity, inside and outside the organization


• A proactive approach in new ideas creation and implementation
• Learning and adapting to market changes and challenges


• Open communication between all involved parties
• Clarity and honesty in sharing the most relevant and updated information